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We’re Tackling Nutrient Pollution in Our Own Backyards

New septic technology helps protect our iconic Florida springs

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Up to $10,000 off

Are you eligible?

Upgraded septic systems may soon be required in some areas of the state. For a limited time, homeowners near certain Outstanding Florida Springs can save up to $10,000 to offset the cost of upgrading a conventional septic system to include nitrogen reducing enhancements.

Get started

Six steps to better septic.

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1. Check your eligibility. Enter your home address on the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s map to check your eligibility.

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2. Find a registered septic tank contractor. Look on the Department of Health website to find a contractor near you.

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3. Choose an approved system. Make sure your septic system contractor is familiar with the new denitrifying septic systems that are approved for use in Florida. 

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4. How do I apply? Your contractor handles all the paperwork. They will file your application with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and they must receive approval before any work can begin.

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5. Make a maintenance plan. Some denitrifying systems require maintenance. You can find a certified maintenance entity, or learn how to do it yourself through classes offered through the Florida Onsite Wastewater Association (321-363-1590).

Compare technologies

Explore the new systems now available in Florida.

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Why this is happening

Florida is doubling down on nutrient pollution from septic systems and other sources. Learn why.